Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch ¬†illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.


Ongehoorde Geluiden Animatie

In cooperation with Albert Hennipman, Maria Fraaije, Bouke Hennipman, Ruud Spaargaren, Eva Hilhorst and Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, I participated in the project Ongehoorde Geluiden.
This project focuses on homelessness.
We zoom in on the assumptions that the homeless struggle with, the confrontations that ‘the others’ don’t dare to face, and the prejudices that we struggle with when someone asks for money. Everyone who participated in this project was linked to someone who is homeless or has experienced it.
I responded to Wim’s story in the form of animation. The images were created in cooperation with him and resulted from endless city walks, cups of coffee, beautiful anecdotes and new views of the city of Utrecht. Wim has now become someone I call every now and then for a cup of coffee or a chat. Wim is a fighter against our society’s general assumptions, norms and other rusty behavioural systems.

Huis van Betekenis


Animation, Stop Motion