Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch ¬†illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.


De Volkskrant

Editorial illustration for the Volkskrant about Pinocchio. Pinocchio has various manifestations, just like archetypes. These are also created by stories and are nurtured, maintained and expanded by different people worldwide, just like Pinocchio (a modern archetype). One medium where archetypes speak to millions is tarot. So that is an appropriate style that speaks to the collective subconscious. I have drawn a triptych based slightly on the Waite Tarot style. In that triptych, I want to show the consummation of Pinocchio. In the first frame, you see his creator Gepetto carving Pinocchio out of a piece of a stump. In the window behind him, you see the moon. In the second frame, you see the moon. In various mythologies, the moon symbolizes “mendacity” and sheds light on the shadow side of man (besides this, the moon obviously has billions of positive aspects). Next, we see Pinocchio; vigilant, alive and autonomous. So in the visual sequence you see; the puppet’s birth, transformation and autonomous life.


De Volkskrant


Pencil & Coloured Pencil