Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch ¬†illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.


De Bonte Koe Chocolade

In collaboration with De Bonte Koe Chocolade , I designed three wrappers. For the design, I had nurturing freedom that allowed me to use it as carriers of my philosophy. In my work, I try to restore the clouded relationship between man and nature by harking back to the imagery of Archaic peoples who had a pagan system of gods. Besides personifications of natural forces, these gods were also archetypes through which people could get in touch with themselves and their environment. Something different from a god who places himself outside nature and preaches that we are created in his image.

The compositions of the packaging are inspired by Indian matchboxes. Hindu gods are sometimes depicted on these boxes, making them serve as small altars. In my series, I was inspired by a cocoa ceremony from ancient America; this fits well with the @debontekoechocolade

Inspired by my philosophy, De Bonte Koe Chocolade has developed a chocolate with three different mushrooms; Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps & Reishi. Together, we try to open the channel between man and nature and to fight against mycophobia.


De Bonte Koe Chocolade


Coloured Pencil