Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch  illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.



I worked for 6 months at Primephonic as design trainee. Together with Joost de Boo (art director) and the marketing team we developed the new brand identity and made it workable. We did this by setting up basic guides to follow. The guide is now applicable to off- and online media.

During my traineeship I guarded the brand identity and worked on the launch of the music streaming service in London. Time management and keeping a constant overview where essential to manage a constant workflow in this dynamic environment.

Now that all of the templates & lay-outs of the brand redesign have been implemented, my job at Primephonic to deliver creative results is complete.

Here you will find various off- and online visuals I’ve worked on as designer and illustrator.