Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch  illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.



I’m Bob Mollema. An Illustrator and Art Director from Bennekom who lives and works in Utrecht.

I work as an illustrator and art director with great dedication and pleasure. I’ve worked for large and small customers, but they all have one thing in common; they are companies that thrive best on culture, people, nature, knowledge and the world. In my role, I always guide the project from start to finish. I take on the design work and the production work to ensure that the quality remains high.

I worked, among others, with Volcom, Nivon, Paradiso, Primephonic, Antiz, Eysink Smeets, Reputations, Twynstra Gudde and Pentatone.

Besides my commercial work, I work as an autonomous artist. As an artist, I am fascinated with different notions of the apocalypse and life, written by ancient and archaic civilizations and their traditions. Apocalyptic stories I perceive as eyewitness accounts of natural disasters that people have experienced. Old habits that survived via the oral tradition I perceive as rites of passage between the seasons that have been demonized.

I firmly believe civilizations that dominated the earth before monotheistic beliefs looked at nature differently, with awe and respect. Nature was seen as a catalyst for stories of death, life, pride and power. Today, nature has become totally disenchanted, and there is a desire to dominate it. I always think of poor square hedges tamed by the insane uniform whims of man.

By researching the drawing styles of archaic peoples, I can illuminate modern themes from a perspective in which we, as humans, are more peaceful with nature.

Bob Mollema


Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

Keizer Karel Podium, Nijmegen

Das Spectrum, Utrecht

Academiegalerie, Utrecht

Café Averechts, Utrecht

Luxor, Arnhem

The Village, Utrecht

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

BAUT Stripfestival, Amsterdam

Het Fijnhout, Amsterdam

Kapitaal, Utrecht

Paradiso, Amsterdam


De Dakhaas

Nivon de Toorts

Neverland Magazine

Wilco Magazine #1


Meerjarenplan Cultuur 19

Drawing the Times

Donnerwetter Newspaper

SYNC Volume #7

Aan Tafel


Primephonic Magazine #3

Bed, Bad en Dood

De Optimist

De Volkskrant

De Standaard

No Seat at the Table (Stimuleringsfonds)

Vleesvrije Stad (Stimuleringsfonds)


HKU Bachelor of Design
2011 – 2015

GLU Grafisch Ontwerp
2006 – 2011

Selected Clients





Eysink Smeets Business Consultants

Twynstra Gudde



Requin Chagrin

Suburban Records

De Volkskrant

De Standaard