Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch  illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.


About me

Hello again!

I’m Bob Mollema. A freelance illustrator/designer and artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have a small, but super creative company in which I like to take my clients somewhere new and exciting.


My goal is simple. I want to make beautiful, smart, moving and intelligent visuals. I’m passionate about translating your story into charismatic designs which will help you to succeed in your goals. Via good communication I will give shape to your visions; or things which may sound abstract for you.


Autonomous Work

As artist I work with a broad range of materials within the rebellious realm of destruction. I would like to show the opposite side of society life in order to raise the question about ruling morals and assumptions. Hopefully to find out that there could be a world without any morals and assumptions. A world where everybody functions as a receiving tunnel for each others love.

Quotes about me

Sharri MorrisHead of Marketing at Primephonic

“Bob is a very personable and open minded professional, an inspiring creative spirit in skill & personality! He would deliver all work ahead of schedule and also had the ability to work to tight deadlines if we briefed him on super last minute projects.

As a brand guardian, he never lost touch with our brand identity coming up with interesting creative solutions. He worked hard at implementing a plethora of design changes for our brand refresh whilst simultaneously creating assets to support the launch of our streaming service and also for the launch events in London and NYC. Bob wants as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. I found my experiences with Bob to be fun rather than actual work. He is a brilliant graphic designer, capable of overseeing to deliver on all of his projects, and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen.

His creativity and desire to meet customer expectations (whilst also keeping the budget in mind to cost save whilst achieving the same results) make him the ideal visual designer for anyones organisation – highly recommended!”

Simon EderDirector at Pentatone & Director at Primephonic

“Bob was a great support during busy months prior to our big launch.
Next to creating various marketing visuals he was involved in the creation of our annual magazine, created various assets for our launch events in London and New York. The team benefited from his hands-on support and his enthusiasm!”

Hanno Tomassen, Education Manager at Tivoli and Director at Cultuur 19

“Bob Mollema wist onze artistieke visie voor 4 jaren te vatten in een pakkend beeldconcept. Persoonlijke verhalen werden absurdistische strips. Mede hierdoor werd het vierjarenplan van Cultuur19 zeer goed beoordeeld door een externe adviescommissie van Culturele Zaken, gemeente Utrecht. We hebben erg prettig met een zeer geïnspireerde Bob samengewerkt.”

Tom Eysink Smeets, Consultant at Eysink Smeets Retail Consultants

“Bob Mollema delivers.

That’s the first thing that comes to mind when i think of my many collaborations with Bob.

Bob not only delivers what you want, but what you really need; a piece of art that is far better than your own imagination.

He delivers joy to every aspect of the workprocess: he’s flexible, fast and his enthousiasm gives you renewed confidence in your project.

A truly inspiring person who started out at as my colleague and whom i’m now proud of to call a friend.”

Ivan RaykovDigital Marketing Specialist: SEM, Social Media, Analytics & SEO at Primephonic

“Bob is a highly skilled multi-disciplinary graphic designer who uses creativity throughout the entire design process – from the initial brief to detailed execution and delivery.

I worked with Bob on several projects including the implementation of primephonic’s new branding, the development of HTML5 banners, Google, Facebook and Twitter ads and other key marketing assets such as newsletters, landing pages and videos. In all tasks, he demonstrated a unique ability to multitask and deal with short deadlines. He is a quick learner who can easily digest briefs and come up with strategic directions. Notably, he’s also a great, reliable team member and a wonderful friend with a fantastic sense of humor. Working with Bob is always fun.”

Carel KoningsRector at Amadeus Lyceum

“Bob heeft op het Amadeus Lyceum met vwo-5 leerlingen het uiterst succesvolle project Syr uitgevoerd. In een relatief kort tijdsbestek hebben leerlingen onder begeleiding van Bob een prachtig verhalen/beeldende kunst/muziekkookboek gemaakt. Het kookboek is tot stand gekomen op basis van interviews met Syrische vluchtelingen die betrokken zijn bij stichting Syr. Bob is de grote drijvende kracht geweest in dit geweldige project. Met zijn energieke, creatieve en verbindende manier van werken heeft hij onze leerlingen uitgedaagd met prachtige creaties als resultaat. “


Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

Keizer Karel Podium, Nijmegen

Das Spectrum, Utrecht

Academiegalerie, Utrecht

Cafe Averechts, Utrecht

Luxor, Arnhem

The Village, Utrecht

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

BAUT Stripfestival, Amsterdam


Wilco Magazine #1


Meerjarenplan Cultuur 19

Drawing the Times

Donnerwetter Newspaper

SYNC Volume #7

Aan Tafel


Primephonic Magazine #3


HKU Bachelor of Design
2011 – 2015

GLU Grafisch Ontwerp
2006 – 2011

Selected clients