Hello I’m Bob Mollema. A Dutch ¬†illustrator, designer and art director. Translating your story into original and outstanding visuals.



I’m Bob Mollema. An artist from Bennekom who lives and works in Utrecht.

What really inspires me are ancient civilizations. Within these populations I am interested in all the different notions of the end times. I wonder if these are not metaphorical stories, but rather eyewitness accounts of universal catastrophes. I feel that in these turbulent times we are also working towards a universal catastrophe. As an artist, I want to investigate how I can summarize our time in images. Because what if an archaeologist finds remains of our time in 2000 years?

With this vision I make drawings, paintings. music and sculptures. In addition, I participate in projects that have a social impact by questioning a certain political movement or institution.

Every now and then I am asked by a magazine, agency or band to make drawings. I am very selective about this because I think it is important to always keep in touch with vision.


Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

Keizer Karel Podium, Nijmegen

Das Spectrum, Utrecht

Academiegalerie, Utrecht

Cafe Averechts, Utrecht

Luxor, Arnhem

The Village, Utrecht

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Focus Filmhuis, Oosterbeek

BAUT Stripfestival, Amsterdam

Het Fijnhout, Amsterdam

Kapitaal, Utrecht


Wilco Magazine #1


Meerjarenplan Cultuur 19

Drawing the Times

Donnerwetter Newspaper

SYNC Volume #7

Aan Tafel


Primephonic Magazine #3

Bed, Bad en Dood

De Optimist


HKU Bachelor of Design
2011 – 2015

GLU Grafisch Ontwerp
2006 – 2011